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December 2, 2013
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HoM: Gabe and Match Cassidy by DoctorCritical HoM: Gabe and Match Cassidy by DoctorCritical

I have *mod2amaryllis to blame for me joining this group because she's joining it and I looked and I was like ASDFG 
so here they are, Gabriel and Match! ;u; I'll be redoing the app art soon because it looks terribad. 


name Gabriel Cassidy 
nickname Gabe
gender male 
age 11 years
birthday September 13th 

house Phoenix
rank Scout 
level 1

Pretty much your typical eleven year old kid, really. Gabe is an adventurous young man, always looking for rocks to climb on or mud to wade through. He reads a lot of books, leading to his huge interest in detective novels and stories of pirates and jungle explorers - with his mind full of fantasy, he's desperate, always looking for something wildly interesting to occur that needs solving or conquering, sometimes leading to him making mountains out of molehills. Because of his freedom-craving personality, he can't stand the adult portion of society, relating them to constriction and restraint from doing whatever he wants to do. However swarthy he must seem, though, he really is a sweet kid, and he's very accepting of new people as well as a good friend to everyone he meets. This isn't to say he's above the occasional burst of jealousy, spite, or just outright bratty behaviour, especially when his possessions are concerned... However bad he gets, though, Match is always around to bring him back down to earth to apologize every time. 

His relationship with Match is still blossoming, as he only received his token a year ago, but the two are already very close as it is. He thinks that his spirit is the coolest thing since sliced bread, and, as eleven year olds often do, tends to idolize him a little... Since meeting Match, Gabe has become much more open to others, taking after his spirit's example. In turn, Match is learning from him, creating a mutual bond in which both are continuously growing and becoming closer to both each other as well as the world around them.

likes getting dirty, reading, meeting new people, talking (he does this a lot), adventurers (pirates, people like Indiana Jones, explorers of the new world like Columbus, etc), animals, fire, warm weather (more like he hates cold weather), watching fights but making sure they don't get out of hand, napping, Match
dislikes showers, being in one spot for a long time, the idea of romance (cooties duh), adults, bugs 

backstory Ever since he was old enough to walk, Gabe was always wandering off. Born in the countryside with lots of room to roam, he was nearly impossible to keep in one place, and his concentration was even harder to keep under school his mind would roam, and instead of taking a math test he would be with the Olympians, fighting a cyclops; his grades suffered, but his mother was a firm believer in self teaching, and she figured that whenever he realized his own difficulties he would correct them himself. He was always thinking of problems and monsters, but despite his self-caused issues, he, his father, and mother lived a very happy life out in the mountains.

However, all good things must come to an end eventually. His father decided that he was happier with another woman, and left Gabe and his mother alone in the mountains when he moved far, far away. Gabe, who wasn't really close to his father anyway, wasn't very affected by the change; his mother, however, became increasingly stressed with the sudden emotional and financial problems, and cracked down on Gabe's free-hearted nature. Suddenly she started making him work harder and get better grades, lest he be grounded and all but barred from going outside... Gabe, unable to grasp why this change had occurred or why it was for his benefit, began to loathe his mother's involvement in his life, and spent even more time exploring the mountains outside whenever he could.

One day, he came across a very strange girl in the woods. She was his age, dressed in an outfit like a swashbuckling pirate...Gabe was drawn to her aura, a freedom that was engaging and entrancing to behold... She told him of a place without adults, where he could go to get away and have fun all day. Gabe didn't have to think twice before accepting her offer, and he followed her to this place of wonder... House of Myth. He was given a spent piece of charcoal; at first he was prepared to call bullshit, when suddenly a man came from the charcoal piece. A tall, thin man, with smoky grey skin, electric blue eyes, who breathed smoke whenever he opened his lips. He introduced himself as nameless with a smile, pledging his allegiance and undying friendship to the boy within the first two seconds of being present... Gabe was told about the charcoal, his token, and was given the spirit crash course before returning home. He eventually settled on the name Match for his spirit, and began his life of freedom and exploration.

This was a year ago, and still Gabe frequents the House of Myth whenever possible, using it as an outlet for his wandering imagination and creativity, as well as to unwind from his increasingly stressful life at home. 


name Match Cassidy
gender male
elemental ability smoke screens - can fill his lungs with a great amount of oxygen to fuel his inner fire, then exhale a huge amount of black smoke; used mostly as a means of defense, kind of like a smoke bomb to retreat or to get a momentary relief to gain his wits. Depending on the inhale, it can hang in the air for anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes. 
weapon / fighting style A fireplace poker; uses both to stab as well as bash. Like fire, he tends to strike quickly and erratically, mixing up his offense and defense without much rhyme or reason. Naturally, the more injured he is, the more defense he uses for self preservation; when he's on his last leg he'll use his weapon and smoke to protect himself (or Gabe). He refuses to fight anyone from the Siren House (but there are always exceptions... ;3)
Match's personality can best be explained by, naturally, fire. Flames are constantly flickering, back and forth, up and down, growing brighter and dimmer each second that they're alive - Match is very similar, and his nature is erratic, always jumping from content to irritated to melancholic with seemingly no catalyst whatsoever. Sometimes he can be itching to move, but other times he can be lazy as a cat, preferring to sleep all day and not move for anyone or anything. As a constant, he tends to be relatively arrogant, preferring to taunt rather than physically attack in a fight and always trying to get others to see how awesome he is.

His relationship with Gabriel is, on his side, one of utmost subservience, although it's all completely out of caring and compassion for his well-being rather than fear or servitude. To Match, Gabe is the ultimate: he is the best person on the planet, and everything he does is an act of godliness. He is very protective over his host as well, and no feat is too great when it's for Gabe's sake. He tries to be a good influence for him, but learns just as much from Gabe as his host does from him; Gabriel teaches Match how to be patient and humble, and Match teaches him how to stand up for himself and deal with the stressful parts of his environments, as well as reinforcing his confidence and self-worth. He also tries to help his host with schoolwork whenever its needed, even though it'd be a lie to say that more than once Gabe has had to go to school and try to explain how his math worksheet combusted into flames. However close they grow, however, Match worries for the future; he has attempted to explain the concept of the spiritual life cycle to his host before, but Gabe just doesn't understand... 


none yet...

roleplay example
Finally...his shift was broken. Beck padded away from his post at the palace entrance, leaving its protection safely in Astrid's more-than-capable paws as he unbuckled the blade from his tail. He had somewhere to be that evening...he had made a promise that needed to be kept. It was because of this that he trotted to the graveyard with such swiftness, his bandy, lanky form darting in and out of the shadows of the sleeping city as he slipped into the gates of the cemetery, instantly beginning to head for one tombstone in particular; and he didn't stop until he was standing before it. His orange eyes were half-lidded as he read the name etched into the stone... Backstabber. His tattered cloak and heavy golden collar hung from the grave, rustling faintly in the breeze. Beck stared at it for a moment, then quietly sat, hanging his head slightly with an exhale. "Ah, Backstabber... I'd never liked that name," the tom said quietly to the grave. "I'm the one who left you behind. If anyone should have that title it's me...I should be in that grave, not you." Beck's shoulders began trembling, but he sighed again, and with a shaky breath the tears were gone. "Old friend..." So involved was he with the grave that he had no realization of the only other figure present in the darkness.

characters, art (c) *DoctorCritical
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